Winner Winner…

…Chicken Dinner.

I swung by Mayflower Poultry last night here in Cambridge, MA, to buy some chicken breasts for chicken picatta.  Something easy and special to make when you’re having company over for a midweek dinner.

I’m over at Mayflower all the time, and it’s really just amazing.  Frankly, I’m thinking about having these guys on the show.

Instead of buying a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts or cutlets… I bought them bone in…deboned them…threw the bones and trim into a quick stock…cubed and froze the tenders for stir-fry…and then used the regular breasts to bang out some beautiful cutlets that matched each other in size.

Was this process worth it?  Yes.  If you’re out of chicken stock, and you’re making a sauce…you’re simply going to be out of luck. Even at the most basic level, which would be just using chicken bones, trim, and water, the pot occupies the back burner of your stove as you cook dinner.  There’s simply no excuse not to do so.  Plus, there’s no waste here.