Usufruct Revisited

Usufruct revisited.Okay… Most all the apples from a few weeks ago have disappeared, having largely been made into apple crisp.  It was time to go forage again, instead of hitting the supermarket.

It turns out that many of the apples on the trees have already disappeared, and what you see here is a mixture of usufruct apples (small ones) that were “found” on a walk…and a few larger ones that I picked from a known source.

Remember…Don’t be squeamish.  Check the ones on the ground that look like they have freshly fallen.  Odds are, they’re just fine and need to be wiped off.  The rest will be deer fodder.  When you get home, just cut out some of the nasty bits and enjoy.

One of the questions that remained, given that some tasted slightly like pear, is if one type of these apples was actually an heirloom pear variety.  As far as I can tell, they’re all apples, but stay tuned for updates.