The 2011 Pumpkin Shortage

Yellow pumpkins and gourds work great as well!

Let me guess.

You’re probably a bit like me, and were a bit late in getting a pumpkin to carve tonight.

But you can’t find a pumpkin.


Well, if you haven’t heard, you can blame Hurricane Irene, as there’s been a huge shortage of pumpkins here in the Northeast for the past two months. Here’s a bit of the story about it in the Huffington Post.

So where does that leave us slackers, who still want to do the jack-o-lantern thing tonight…or maybe this upcoming weekend if your local trick-or-treating has been postponed due to “Octsnowber” and power outages?

Have no fear. Just get your hands on a yellow pumpkin, or a gourd. Beware, with a gourd, that you’re likely going to have use a drill, a Dremel tool, or a hacksaw to make it work. Go with a yellow pumpkin first if you can. Happy Halloween!

Yellow Pumpkins at Taft Farms, Great Barrington, MA. Over a week ago, they were almost out of stock of orange pumpkins.


Just use a yellow pumpkin. In the dark, all pumpkins are orange!

Blemishes on one side? That’s normal, as it’s the side that was touching the ground while it grew.

Happy Halloween!