I was too hungry


I was too hungry, and couldn’t wait for better food photography.

The “sammich” just disappeared before I could snap a full photo.

Please use your imagine for this combo:

Roast beef, mortadella, basil, garlic and basil oil, and arugula with a little bit of spring mix…all on a slightly toasted roast garlic ciabatta. An ideal homemade “sammich” for early fall.

Sorry I couldn’t wait.
I feel like Cookie Monster right now.

It was a really good “sammich.”




2 Responses to I was too hungry

  1. Daniel says:

    So what drink did you pair with this “sammich” to compliment it’s tasty goodness?

  2. foodbiker says:

    Sadly to say, nothing. Grabbing a pint of Cambridge City Highball! (aka, cold water from the cooler).

    Congrats on the first comment, Daniel!

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