Food Biker Rally

Rally 1

Fall leaves, fun twisties in Vermont, a chance to show off your bike on an up-and-coming series, and great food? What’s not to love about that? Nothing! So pack your saddlebags and join us from September 27-29 at the Food Biker ™  “Don’t Give Up the Ghost” mini-rally and filming event, at the Gray Ghost Inn, in West Dover, Vermont.

About the Inn

The Gray Ghost Inn is located near Mt. Snow, and as they say, “We know, because we ride!” The inn is a great place for motorcycle groups and cyclists to stop and stay. They have mapped out over 20 of the best routes to suite all levels of riding ranging from the 44 mile curvy and hilly ride perfectly named “Giddy from the turns” to the 300 mile spectacular Vermont Byways Ride.


The Gray Ghost Inn. (Photo courtesy Gray Ghost Inn)

About the Food and Lodging

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and you can fill up before your day’s tour on eggs, pancakes, French toast, home fries, and all kinds of pork products! (Yay for bacon.) Saturday night’s dinner will feature a special rally barbecue buffet for the fabulous price of only $25.75. That’ll get you salad, St. Louis ribs, chicken, slaw, spuds, and baked beans. There’s even dessert if you’re still hungry.

The rally lodging rate is $49/night (per person, double occupancy) and $69/night for a single. For inn and dinner reservations, please phone Carina directly at the Gray Ghost Inn at (802) 464-2474 or (800) 745-3615 and let her know you’re with the Food Biker rally. You can also make reservations online at:

Reserve early or you will lose out to a tour bus full of leaf-peepers.

Rally RSVP

As for the rally itself, we want to keep things simple. There are no additional rally fees, and non-motorcycling Food Biker fans are certainly welcome to join in the fun. If you can make it, please simply drop us a note and let us know you’re coming, so we can get an accurate headcount before the event.

11 Responses to Food Biker Rally

  1. Jess Holderbaum says:

    We will see you there!
    — 2bikersandabordercollie

  2. Russ Gilbert says:

    Had a great time and the food was excellent.

    Russ & Karen

  3. Tom Gormley says:

    Fantastic time at the rally with the Blue Knights chapter NY 12, what a meal, almost couldn’t drink my Jameson after dinner, but somehow I managed a few.

  4. Larry Edelman says:

    Seth & the Ch. 12 Blue Knights. Had a great time meeting ya’ll around the camp fire

  5. Russ L'Rogue says:

    Well now … back home (just in time to make dinner: a nice spinach salad, chicken le Forman, sauteed lemon-pepper summer squash … and apple pie) after a very fun weekend at the Gray Ghost with lots of good folks and lots of good … no, make that excellent … food. Another longish ride on the Gray Ghost (yah, that’s right) … except this one wasn’t at 2 o’clock in the morning. A bunch of great riders … even if only three of us were Chromeheads. And your crew, Seth … super bunch … ‘specially what’s her name. Was it worth the ride? You betchya! Would I do it again? You betchya! When and where, Seth?

  6. Russ L'Rogue says:

    So … as I said, when’s the next one? I’m looking forward to another great ride …

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