Tony Maws!


When people discuss fine dining in Boston, it’s no surprise that Chef Tony Maws‘ name invariably comes up. Although this multiple award-winning culinary mastermind and restaurateur is busy running Craigie on Main and Kirkland Tap and Trotter, he’s able to balance his culinary career with being a family man. Let’s check out how Tony got started in his career as a chef, and enjoy some of the most elevated kasha varnishkes you’ll ever eat.

4 Responses to Tony Maws!

  1. Bill Sr says:

    Food Biker the new episodes are wonderful!!

  2. Guy Stoliker says:

    I never would of thought of eating groats. Now I changed my mind, yum/. Thanks for sharing this. Guy~

    • foodbiker says:

      Thanks so much, Guy! It’s great stuff…particularly with a pot roast and tons of gravy! Plus, buckwheat groats are pretty good for you too…

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