The best food out there comes from those who have mastered culinary techniques, in order to properly execute incredible savory recipes and baking formulas.

Most culinary media today (television, print, web) emphasize recipes, which clearly offer incredible variety and maintains interest.

Let’s face it. Recipes sell more episodes, books, advertising, and so forth than techniques.

Now, don’t get us wrong! Recipes are important. (Heck…We’re slowly putting together the Food Biker Cookbook…Stay tuned.) In fact, a good recipe (and formulas) are vital to cooking good food, and obviously is a work of individualized culinary creative expression.

But here’s the deal.

Executing good recipes alone won’t necessarily make you a better cook.
Proper culinary technique, when paired with good recipes, make a better cook.

It’s very much like any skill that requires mastery. Once you learn the correct techniques, and reinforce them by practice, only then will your culinary skill improve. Otherwise, you’ll likely plateau and reinforce bad techniques.

Again, the classical emphasis on techniques as opposed to specific recipes is what is largely missing from modern culinary television and media. We believe that this is a key element in what separates the amateurs from the pros, and mediocre (or downright bad) food from the sublime.

On Food Biker, we’ll explore these techniques from the top chefs and culinary professionals directly, so you can start practicing them at home.