Check it out


One of the fun things about being in the culinary industry involves wearing “checks,” or checkered chef pants.

Some people hate them.

I, for one, love them.

Fine, fine. Surely, it’s a cardinal fashion style sin to wear these out in public. However, I’ll admit that checks are fantastic for getting anything done in the kitchen, and just lounging around in when you get done. Given that fall is here, my shorts are starting to stay put in the closet and I’ll throw on a pair when I’m home alone and just getting stuff done.

The fun thing is that when you do sneak across the street to the supermarket in them, you occasionally get questions from random people as to what to buy. Hopefully, I’ve steered many people in the right culinary direction at this point.

Again, it’s all about function. Spill something hot on them? No problem. They can slip off quickly, and the bagginess will keep the hot fabric away from your skin. They breathe easily in a hot kitchen, and the checkered pattern really helps hide the stains.

Yes, they make other styles. But the classic style just works.

Check it out sometime.