Beekman Bound: The Production Assistant

Here’s Part 1 of a 5-part series on our Food Biker™ filming at Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs, NY, during the annual Garden Party festival weekend.

Each article offers a different perspective of our trip, as written by individual Complete Breakfast Productions crew members.


It really is a small world.

And when you’re in Sharon Springs, it’s even smaller.

Who’s that peeking in the background?

Can it!

The Food Biker™ team returned from a wonderful shoot with the good people of Sharon Springs, NY, and our hosts from Beekman 1802. Apparently, all roads lead from Central Upstate NewYork — not to Massachusetts’ most famous Cape in the summer, but to “the other Cape” (Cape Ann) instead. I ran into so many people who found Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts, to be a nicer alternative than the long, hot schlepp to Cape Cod!

First, during the Sharon Springs Garden Festival, I met a family of women who were selling their home-canned salsa, pickles, and homemade pies.Having already extolled the virtues of Gloucester, they started talking about Good Harbor Beach, a place I’ve been going to since I was a child, as it’s where my grandfather retired. Then, I learned that Jim from 204 Main, has a sister who owns a store in Gloucester called Pisces. (Pisces is on Main Street, and it carries beautiful gifts and jewelry.)

Freshly made noodles. Coming to a Food Biker™ episode near you.

About 204 Main–it is one of the best places I have had a meal in a long time. I’ve never seen anyone make fresh noodles so rapidly and easily. Chef Norm Phenix made it look so simple I was prompted to try it–and my idea of a good dinner is something that goes from the freezer into the microwave. Norm and Jim (a talented wallpaper hanger in his spare time) have created a warm, inviting yet intimate environment at 204 Main.

Jim Grinches at 204 Main Bar and Bistro.

There are gorgeous antique floors, a cozy sitting area, and all of it is decorated with the artisan wallpaper made by local business, Adelphi Paper Hangings. This stuff is hand-block printed and it is amazing! (I am obsessed because Adelphi’s work is more like art–calling it wallpaper seems a disservice.)

Moving down the block from 204 Main, my obsession with Adelphi Paper Hangings fabulous wall art was satisfied again at the Black Cat Cafe, where Tony Daou offers cooking classes. Who knew Tony also had a book? After having tasted their fantastic fresh goodies at the Black Cat, I was quick to get on Amazon and order it.

A trip to Beekman 1802 would not be complete without a little comment from everyone’s favorite Drama Llama, Miss Polka Spot!

Polka Spot, everybody’s favorite diva.

Now,regarding Polka Spot….I didn’t find her to be a diva at all…rather just more interested in her food than looking at us. But then again, I would be more interested in my food if I had a camera crew show up and try and film me as well.

Önder looking under.

On the other hand, Önder Kilmer-Purcell Ridge was all about anyone that was around. Of course, at only a few months old, she would be. At one point, to keep her from wandering into a shot because she wanted to go see what Josh was doing, I had to give her my shoe and she promptly ran off with it. (I’m glad those Coach sneakers were a clearance purchase from Marshall’s.) During another unsupervised moment, I saw Önder starting to eat our talent/location release paperwork and yet another time, I was notified by our Director of Photography, who was filming, that I ruined his shot as I chased Önder across the yard as she ran away with my sunglasses. Clearly Josh and Brent have their hands full there…..

And speaking of Josh and Brent–and Megan Hölken–at Beekman 1802, simply put: They are amazing. They took time out to help us get our Food Biker™ filming off the ground, and believe me, we won’t ever forget their kindness.