Beekman Bound: Food Biker

Here’s the final part of our 5-part series on our Food Biker™ filming at Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs, NY, during the annual Garden Party festival weekend.

Each article offers a different perspective of our trip, as written by individual Complete Breakfast Productions crew members.

Beekman Bound: FOOD BIKER

If this isn’t a teaser per Food Biker™ filming with the Fabulous Beekman Boys, we don’t know what is. (Thanks for the snapshot, Megan Hölken!)


Foraging and filming with Josh.

So much happened at the Sharon Springs Garden Party, that it’s genuinely hard for me to write a simple blog post about it.

My crew did such a good job by describing their experiences, that anything I write here will be superfluous, but here goes….

When we set out to film up in Sharon Springs, after having been invited by Brent and Josh, we had no idea that we’d be rewarded with an amazing amount of incredible footage. Some highlights of the wonderful weekend include: tons of wonderful food and drink, hilarious filming, actually learning about foraging and new culinary techniques, and connecting with the Sharon Springs community.

These boots were made for walking.

Without the generosity of the Fabulous Beekman Boys and the people of Sharon Springs, this magical weekend would never have happened. It was nothing short of inspiring to have met so many wonderful people, and to see that I’ve got plenty of company when it comes to following my dreams. Working with Josh and Brent could not have been better, easier, or more fun, and there is no way we could have done it all without Megan Hölken’s help. Everyone made us feel at home and genuinely got into the spirit of filming. We all had a blast, and we have quite a few surprises up our sleeves as to upcoming episodes!

Behind the scenes with Brent at the Beekman Cheese Cave.

Speaking of which, we’re busy putting together those episodes, so please stay tuned!

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Meanwhile, just remember one thing:

Take the fork in the road.


When can we eat?


The backroads around Sharon Springs, NY are heartbreakingly beautiful to ride.